> Muriel Northrip


Muriel was born in Ironwood, Michigan, and migrated to the West coast with her family. She has loved to draw and create works of art since she was a little girl. Muriel started working in oils during her first marriage, making a reputation for her creations in Northern Idaho and East Washington and Oregon in the 1960-70's.

Muriel moved back to Northern California in the early 1970s and started to make an impression on the local scene. Then she moved to Alaska with her new husband to be near her grandchildren. While in Alaska Muriel's art changed from ocean and river scenes to bold mountains, wild animals, and the grandeur that is Alaska. She moved back to Crescent City after 13 years in Alaska, in the mid-'90's, and started to paint what she sees every day; redwoods, beautiful rivers, and ocean scenes.

Muriel works in oils, acrylics, pen, and charcoal, and someday hopes to even start doing watercolors. Muriel works on large canvases, finding it difficult to scale down to smaller works on canvas. She loves the freedom she feels when she works on large canvas.

In her own words "like most people with art in their blood, I cannot remember a time in my life when a pencil or paint brush was not a major focal point for all activities, whether they were play or work. Probably the location of our California home in the Redwoods by the Sea played a large role in the choices I made for early subjects. Respect for all of Alaska's bounty, be it a boundless supply of wildlife or breathtaking scenery, are evidence of the years we were lucky enough to spend in Anchorage and the area surrounding it. Mountains, snow, and Alaska's animals still appear in much of my work."

"Now that we are back home on the coast, I thought the sea and the trees would once again take an upper hand, but something new has appeared. Fantasy and whimsy keep slipping onto the canvas, much to my delight. After much pondering the source of this new obsession, I think it most likely is the aftermath of the delight experienced when writing and illustrating a book for my children, and now the joy of knowing I will leave for them in my own small way."

Muriel's works range from stormy seascapes and placid ocean scenes, to animals and mountain scenes, to giant Redwoods and babbling streams, and Fairies and Whimsy. Muriel is not shy about trying anything new or different.

Muriel's works have garnered awards everywhere she has lived.